Top-quality mould kits

For excellent quality mould kits at affordable prices, call our team at Leicester Gold Teeth today.

High-quality mould kits

At Leicester Gold Teeth, we offer top-quality mould kits at affordable prices. Our mould kits come with step-by-step instructions, mouth trays, 2 sets of putty, order form and price list. You can get your mould kits delivered anywhere in the UK. click on the buy now button to pay via paypal or you can contact our team today to discuss your requirements or different payment method.

Comprehensive services

Leicester Gold Teeth offers comprehensive services at affordable prices. You can choose to buy the mould kit and the grill or only go for the mould kit. If you wish to order your grillz from us later, you can send us a receipt along with your finished mould.

Artisans you can rely on

With extensive experience in this line of business, our team of experienced artisans can take care of all your requirements. We can make personalised teeth grillz with great precision and attention to detail. Our services are available all across the UK. So give us a call today to take your bling game to the next level.