What if I have some missing teeth?
No problem! We can still make them as if there were no missing teeth at all.
How do I order?
To make a set of Gold Teeth, we need an impression of your teeth. You can come to our shop or you can purchase our mould Kit if you want to do it yourself. The kit contains all the materials along with easy to follow instructions.
Can I eat and sleep with Gold Teeth on?
Although it is possible to eat and sleep with them, we do not recommend doing so. You should treat them as jewellery and care for them as such. They are not for permanent wear.
What are gold teeth?
Gold Teeth are removable gold caps that clip onto your teeth. They are called by several different names such as Gold Grills, Grill Fronts, Gold Caps, Grills, Golds, etc. These removable Gold Teeth are considered to be jewellery, or “teeth rings”. They are not dental appliances although they look just like dental gold crowns
What is the turn around time for an order?
the order can take up to 1 week for plain caps or grillz and 2 weeks for pattern or stone work
Do I have to clean my gold teeth every day?
We strongly recommend cleaning them as often as you would brush your teeth so that they don’t collect any bacteria. You can use your toothbrush to clean inside of the gold caps. You are given a cloth to clean them down daily and we also offer a cleaning service to keep them looking as good as new.
What is the payment process?
If ordering online, once we have received your mould we will invoice you for full payment before the item is made. If ordering in store, we ask for half of the money for your total order, and the remaining is paid when the teeth are made.
Can I get a refund?
No refunds will be given. The teeth are made specifically for your teeth. They are certified real gold and there should be no reason for return. In the event they don’t fit correctly it will be apparent to us when you show up to get them. We will remake them but there are no refunds.
Terms and conditions
– Your Grillz are not a permanent fixture, and are just an accessory. They are not designed to replace any of your natural teeth or to be worn 24/7.
– Do not eat, drink or sleep with your Grillz in.
– Once you pay your deposit it is not refundable.
– Full payment is required before the release of the goods. Non-negotiable.
– Keep away from extremes of hot and cold
– The product is supplied in a non-sterile state.
If your Grillz are not collected within 10 working days you will lose your deposit.
– You are responsible for taking your impression and we make the Grillz according to the impression you have taken.